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Thank you for using “Alivelive” software and its related services!

Please decide whether to accept this Terms of Service after carefully reading and fully understanding the contents of this Terms of Service, so that we can serve you better. If you are a minor (under 18 years old), you have to read and decide whether or not to accept this Terms of Service, while accompanied by a legal guardian. after you accept all the contents of this Terms of Service, you can register, log in or use the related services covered by this Terms of Service. Your registration, login, and use etc. are deemed to be an acceptance of all the contents in this Terms of Service.

The contents of this Terms of Service may be updated by “Alivelive” at any time; users can check the latest version of the agreement terms on this website. Once the updated terms of the agreement are published, they will replace the original terms of the agreement. If you do not agree to accept the updated terms once after they are updated, you should not continue to use the services provided by “Alivelive”.

If you have any question, comment or suggestion about the contents of this Terms of Service, you can contact us through the contact information shown in the “Contact Us” section of the official website (video.Alivelive.com) homepage.

The use of “Alivelive” software and its related services

1. Users agree that “Alivelive” only provides users with the services of information storage and sharing platform. Users are responsible for all actions occur under their own registered account, including adverse consequences due to any content, information, etc. that you distribute to “Alivelive” platform. Such adverse consequences include, but are not limited to, compensation, fines, judicial/arbitration procedures fees, attorney fees, reasonable expenses, damage to “Alivelive”, etc. Users should make their own judgments on the content published by all registered users on the platform, and assume legal responsibility for themselves, other users and society for the use of the said content. The legal responsibility includes, but is not limited to, risks arising from reliance on the accuracy, authenticity, completeness or usefulness of the content.

2. Users agree that “Alivelive” is a peer-to-peer information service platform based on users’ network. Users shall be fully responsible for the authenticity, legality and validity of the registration information on “Alivelive”. Users shall not pretend to be others or use the name of others to distribute any information, and shall not maliciously use the registered account in a way that may result in misidentification by other users. Otherwise, “Alivelive” has the right to immediately stop providing its services and delete the user’s “Alivelive” account. Users shall bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.

3. Any content and information etc. posted by the users while using “Alivelive” service does not reflect or represent the point of view, position or policy of “Alivelive”, hence “Alivelive” is not responsible for any of those.

4. Users shall not use “Alivelive” platform service to create, upload, and distribute information that contains any of the following:

(1) content that is against the basic principles established by the Constitution;

(2) content that endangers national security, divulges state secret, subverts state power or destroys national unity;

(3) content that damages national honors and interests;

(4) content that incites racial hatred, racial discrimination, and undermines national unity;

(5) content that undermines country’s religious policies and promotes cults and feudal superstition;

(6) content that spreads rumours, disrupts social order and destroys social stability;

(7) content that is related to any organization or individual engaged in terrorist activities, as well as any act that incites others to commit crimes;

(8) content that spreads obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetment;

(9) content that insults or defames others and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others;

(10) unauthorized reproduction, plagiarism, adaptation and other copyright works;

(11) information containing other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations

5. Users fully understand and agree that the services provided by “Alivelive” may include advertisements. Users agree to be shown the advertisements provided by “Alivelive” and third-party vendors and partners during the use of the service. At the same time, “Alivelive” has the right to add time watermark in the live streaming session. “Alivelive” does not guarantee, but will try its best not to affect your live streaming experience.

6. “Alivelive” shall not be liable for any independent or joint warranty of the authenticity, legality, harmlessness and validity of all information uploaded by the users. The relevant legal responsibility caused by the user’s distributed information shall be borne by the user.

7. Users fully understand and agree that “Alivelive” may temporarily change, suspend, limit or terminate some or all of “Alivelive” services due to business development needs and unforeseeable situations etc. “Alivelive” will try its best but does not guarantee advance notice. Users are aware of and willing to bear such risks.

8. Based on reasonable judgment, “Alivelive” may take measures such as stopping transmission and forcing users to go offline for content that violates laws and regulations and this Terms of Service, as well as content that infringes, hinders, threatens the rights of others, or content that pretends to be published in the name of others; “Alivelive” has the right to take appropriate legal action against users who violate this clause, including but not limited to: preserving illegal, infringing, improper, etc. content from “Alivelive” service platform, restricting or prohibiting users from using all or part of “Alivelive” services, cancelling user’s account, as well as saving relevant information and reporting to relevant departments according to laws and regulations etc.

User code of conduct

1. The ownership of “Alivelive” account belongs to Alivelive Inc. Users obtain the right to use their “Alivelive” accounts after completing the application for registration. Such right of use belongs only to the initial application registrant. Users are prohibited from giving, borrowing, renting, transferring or selling their “Alivelive” accounts. If a user is not the initial application registrant of the account, “Alivelive” has the right to freeze and retract the account without notice, and without having to assume legal responsibility to the user of the account. The resulting consequences include not limited to, user communication interruption, user data and virtual items removal; such losses are borne by the users. If the ownership of an account is disputed, “Alivelive” has the right to temporarily freeze the disputed account after receiving complaint from relevant parties.

2. Users guarantee that the information provided when registering the “Alivelive” account is true and complete. The legal liability arising from illegal, untrue, inaccurate information, etc. is borne by the users. If there is any change in the user registration information, the registration information shall be updated in time in order to meet the requirements of timely, detailed, true and accurate information.

3. Users have the responsible to ensure the safety of the registered account information and account password. Users are legally responsible for the actions under the registered account. Legal liability arising from borrowing and leaking of information such as account number and password or misappropriation of account, shall be borne by the registered users. Users agree not to use the account of other user under any circumstances.

4. Users can change or delete personal data, registration information and delivery content on “Alivelive” account or platform. Changes or removal of information by users may result in the loss of text, images, videos, etc. stored in the system. “Alivelive” is not responsible for such loss of content caused by user’s own action.

5. You shall not use “Alivelive” for any form of money laundering. “Alivelive” will closely monitor such behaviours and has the right to investigate abnormal and huge amount of virtual asset circulation in multiple targeted accounts. “Alivelive” also has the right to cooperate with the investigation of the authority and submit your identity information, transaction records of relevant accounts and other information.

6. Users shall comply with the terms of this Agreement and use the Service correctly and appropriately without disrupting the order of the Platform, including but not limited to disrupting the financial order of the platform (such as selling diamonds, etc.). If users violate any of the provisions of this Agreement or other platform rules, “Alivelive” has the right to terminate/suspend part or all of its service to the default user’s “Alivelive” account in accordance with the Agreement. If any of the account’s features are terminated/suspended, the user will not be able to participate in any official events. If the account is permanently banned, the diamonds in the account will be completely removed. Please note that “Alivelive” will temporarily or permanently terminate account that is suspected of using unreasonable means to top-up (including but not limited to illegal use of credit card to cash out) based on its reasonable judgment. At the same time, “Alivelive” reserves the right to retract “Alivelive” account and username at any time.

7. Users agree to grant “Alivelive” free use of information and content etc. that are published through “Alivelive” platform or generated by the users while using “Alivelive” service. Such information and content can be used by “Alivelive” in all ways including adaptation, compilation, copying, distribution, and online communication. If user does not agree to the use of such content by “Alivelive”, he/she should inform “Alivelive” in writing in advance.

8. Users can purchase value-added virtual items such as diamonds while using “Alivelive” service. Unless it is required by law, “Alivelive” does not provide refund, exchange or redemption into cash or other services after users purchase the virtual item.

9. The use of any plug-ins, software, systems or third-party tools that are not authorized or permitted by the company may interfere with, disrupt, modify or otherwise affect the normal operation of “Alivelive” software and its related services.

10. If users discover content related to copyright, politics, guns, drugs, violence, gambling, and pornography while using the service provided by “Alivelive”, they may report and complain to the “Alivelive” staff. After receiving such report and complaint, “Alivelive” will dispatch commissioner to handle the issue in a timely manner.


1. “Alivelive” and its partners does not assume responsible for any loss suffered by users due to third-parties’ communication line failures, technical problems, network, computer failure, system instability and other force majeure reasons.

2. If users violate the provisions of this service or the relevant Terms of Service, causing third-parties to file a claim against “Alivelive” and its partner companies and affiliates, the users agree to assume all legal liabilities, including but not limited to compensation, fine, settlement fees, litigation and arbitration fees, reasonable attorney fees, etc., as well as agree to compensate for the damage caused to “Alivelive”.

3. Users understand that this service involves the Internet and it may be affected by unstable factors in various aspects. This service has the risk of service interruption or failure to meet user requirements due to force majeure, computer virus or hacker attack, system instability, user location, user device shutdown, and any other technology, Internet, or communication line issues. “Alivelive” is not responsible for the user’s inability to send, receive, read messages or sending incorrect messages that is caused by the aforementioned circumstances.

4. The content provided by “Alivelive” includes but is not limited to: text, software, sound, photos, videos, graphics, all content in advertisement, and commercial information provided to the users by “Alivelive”. All of the aforementioned information is protected by copyright law, trademark law and other intellectual property laws, as well as property law and other relevant laws. Users can only use the content if they are expressly authorized by “Alivelive“ and its partner; users may not carry out the following actions without authorization, including but not limited to copying, modifying, compiling the above content, or creating derivative products related to the content.

5. “Alivelive” and its partner promise to cooperate with relevant units immediately, and resolve the interruption of the service operation due to technical failures and other force majeure events in a timely manner. However, “Alivelive” and its partners are not responsible for all losses suffered by users due to such interruption.

6. User understands that: this service is the same as other Internet services. Users may be affected by various factors such as network service quality, social environment, user operation errors, etc. while using the services, and may be subject to various problems, such as the use of users’ information by others to carry out harassment in real life. Other software downloaded or installed by users, or other websites visited that contain viruses such as “trojan”, may threaten the security of the users’ computer information and data, thereby affecting the normal use of the service etc. Users should increase their protection awareness of information security and user data in order to prevent loss and harassment, as the risks of using “Alivelive” service is borne by the users.

7. In any case, “Alivelive” is not responsible for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special, or penalized damages caused by the users while using “Alivelive” live streaming platform, including but not limited to various losses suffered by users by using “Alivelive” live streaming platform service (even if “Alivelive” has been informed of the possibility of such losses). Even though this Agreement may contain special terms, the full responsibility of “Alivelive” to users, regardless of the cause or behaviour, shall not exceed the fee paid by the user to “Alivelive” during the service period of “Alivelive” (if any).

8. Users understand that there may be (including but not limited to) threatening, defamatory, offensive or other illegal content or behaviours from other users, and/or the risk of anonymizing or impersonating information that violates the rights of others (including but not limited to intellectual property rights). Users must bear the above risks. “Alivelive” does not make any express or implied warranties for its live streaming platform service, including but not limited to content relating to information authenticity, merchantability, specific purpose, ownership and non-infringement. “Alivelive” is not responsible for any legal liability of any direct, indirect, incidental, special and consequential violations of the legal rights of third parties arising from users’ improper or illegal use of “Alivelive” live streaming platform service.


1. “Alivelive” may collect and use, or provide users’ non-personal information to third parties, in order to run and improve the technology and services of “Alivelive”, thereby facilitating “Alivelive” to provide users with a better user experience and improve the service quality of “Alivelive”. For specific details, please read the “Alivelive” Privacy Policy carefully.

2. “Alivelive” reserves the rights to interpret and modify this AGREEMENT.

Last updated: January 2019


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